Beretta M1951 9mm 8 rd Model 1951

$399.00 $349.00


Used Beretta 9mm Model 1951 pistols in fair to good condition. Each ship with one magazine.

Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Beretta
Model: 1951
Caliber: 9mm Luger
SKU: ber1951-u
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (20)
By Stan on 11/30/22
Nice surplus pistol, be aware.

I have a sickness over surplus weapons, so I really like this gun. I bought it more for my collection than as a shooter. It does have a "patina" on it(no big deal). My Model 1951 came with a broken barrel lock block. This seems to be a common issue with these pistols. It was cracked on both sides. I found this upon initial inspection and cleaning.
An email exchange with Gunprime got a replacement sent, and all is well.
This wasn't my first purchase from these guys, and I can say that I'll be watching Gunprime going forward.

By Beretta Enjoyer on 11/23/22
Locking block broke <100 rounds

looks like a hit or miss... locking block broke after under 100 rounds

- gun came in worn, but not poor condition, no rusting or pitting on exterior/interior or in the barrel

By CBR277 on 10/31/22
Sweet shooter

Delivered quickly With holster wear appropriate to its age. Looks like it has rarely been fired. Took it apart and cleaned and polished it. VERY accurate. Couldn't be happier with it.

By JWV on 10/22/22
Very pleased

It was delivered to my FFL fast and the condition exheeded my expectations. A great addition to my collection.

By Don's on 06/24/22
Not a Clunker

Wanted a conversation piece for the coffee table , it's a shooter though !

By Franky on 05/05/22
I was very pleased with the pistol. Allways wanted a Beretta, this was a bonus a M1951. Love it.

I like it. Price right. will be looking for other products.

By Nikola on 03/25/22
Great, durable, surplus gun.

Thank you for sending me this great gun. I really appreciate it. The gun looks good, even though it's a surplus and has lots of scratches. I like the durable all steel frame, it's very durable. I made orders for wood grips, now the gun looks beautiful. Thank you once again for that, I will definitely plan on buying another one from you. I hope it will be in the same great condition as this one. Thank you.

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By Ricardo shilly shally on 03/22/22

The Beretta 1951 is a cool piece of history. The pistol is in really good shape and I was pretty excited to add it to my collection. This is my second purchase from GUNPRIME and it won’t be the last.

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By Zach on 03/03/22
Mine looked like the picture

Perfectly worn in but not worn out. Really cool looking surplus item you can tell it's used but it's not Rusty or missing a lot of finish or anything. Really accurate they put a lot of oil on it so it is safe and rust free. Simply wipe off all the oil put a couple of drops of oil on the slides and start shooting. Excellent condition.

By Chadster on 02/11/22
Pretty happy with it!

I got the gun with a great price, quick shipping, and shipping now is so crazy but I was very happy with them. They answered any questions I had before and even after the purchase. Mine was in great condition… but the locking block was in pieces. I sent them pictures and they offered to replace the whole gun! Yes, just replacing the piece would have saved of both time and money but, I think they knew I would rather buy my own then go threw that hassle and weight again, especially after I got a feel for this specific gun. In all fairness they are surplus and not promised to be in good to near new condition, but in-fact the two levels before that so I really cant complain and they didn't have to offer to do anything. Gunprime was very professional an I would recommend them to a friend. I plan on doing more business soon myself!!

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By T. Henry on 09/30/21
Great Firearm

Shipping was super fast, ordered on Saturday night had it on Wednesday. I was very pleased at the condition, I had planned to have a friend reblue the gun and add new grip, but it didn’t need neither one. Cleaned it and it looks very good, not new very nice. Pick one up before they are all gone.

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By Chad on 09/29/21
Good customer service and quality product

Responded quickly to an email to answer a question and fast shipping. Received product as advertised and was clean enough to fire out of the box almost! (Unexpected considering it was a used purchase) would recommend!

By Jim Monroe on 08/16/21
Great handgun, great price.

Very happy with purchase.

By Albert on 05/03/21
Easy to order ,fast shipping

Excellent. Great shooter, put 100 rds through it, no malfunctions. Love the accuracy on this gun.

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By Rich on 04/27/21
Beretta 1951

Pistol came very quick and in incredible condition for a surplus firearm

By Kerry Rosenau on 03/29/21

I don't know, they won't give me the gun because I have a domestic violence on my record, I'm in the process of getting it changed cause I'm not a felon. But you might be getting it back if they don't give it to me .

By Casey on 03/22/21
Minor Repairs, but All Good!

Gun came in very good condition, grips were just ok, but new ones are easily obtained. Replaced. First magazine through, jammed on round three. Cleared. Jammed again round four. Tore gun down and found extractor severely worn from active use, most likely with steel case ammo. Don’t use steel case ammo folks, it’s cheap, but will cause significant wear damage to parts directly in contact with the shell. Replaced extractor, spring and pin. Ran about ten magazines through flawlessly. I have a ton (17) of Beretta handguns, including a 92x Performance. This is certainly one of the top shooters! Thank you...

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By Rom on 01/09/21
Works great!

So this came in great condition. Hand select wasn't an option. I was a bit worried but it looks amazing. Took it to the range. I got an extra mag and sent 100 rounds through both magazines, it didn't jam once. Great gun, at least mine is. It is surplus so thats always a gamble.

By Bretta m1951 9mm on 10/13/20

Good and I want to but them

By Cory H on 07/15/20
Shoots Great

Loving this gun. For a military surplus gun it has been great. Shoots good and didn't break the bank. I would buy again.

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