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Features include fixed sights, a two tone hammer, faux ivory grips, and elaborate gold engraving. On the left side of the barrel is an eagle holding a stylized United States Great Seal and flags with "John Wayne" on a flowing banner underneath. The right side of the barrel features scroll work down the side and a smaller golden line of scroll work on the ejector tube. The cylinder is further engraved with famous scenes of Wayne, including him mounted upon a horse, and his portrait, both in gold. On the extreme edges of the cylinder is golden rope. On the left side of the frame, Colt's patent information and trademark Colt horse are displayed in gold, with light scroll work oriented towards the grips. On the right side, scroll work extends along the length of the frame. The backstrap bears John Wayne's signature in gold, and at the top features the famous Red River D logo, also in gold. Comes with factory display case with plaque, which is fitted to the revolver. CONDITION: Excellent, showing some minor marks from handling and storage, still retaining the vast majority of the original finish with crisp engraving and gold inlay. Cylinder has a very light drag line. Action works appropriately when cycled by hand, bore is excellent. Case is very good, felt bottom is peeling and has been taped in place.

Categories: Revolvers
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Colt
Model: John Wayne Comemmorative
SKU: 2261
Vendor: Gunprime
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